Professional Makeup Course

Mirage Academy has a reputation for excellence in the field of cosmetics. Classes include everything from skin care to hair styling to the latest in makeup trends. Classes are offered in the following categories: -All About Skin -Hair -Makeup -Accessories -Maternity Makeup -Teen Makeup -Eyelashes -Lipstick and Lip Liner -Eyeshadow and Eye Liner -Nail Polish -Eyebrows and Eyeliner -Contouring and Highlighting -Makeup Basics Mirage Academy offers a full range of makeup courses for both professionals and students.
Professional Makeup Course Benefits

1. Product Knowledge in detail.
2. Tools and product hygiene.
3. Insight of skin care regime.
4. CTM(Cleansing, Toning and moisturising.)
4. Colourwheel Theory.
5. Understanding the face shape.
6. How to deal with different skin tone and texture.
Indepth Knowledge of covering: Acne.
Blemishes/Dark spots.
Freekles. Fine lines and wrinkles.
7. How to achieve flawless base by using right amount of corrector, concealer and foundation.
8. How to contour. blush and hightlight
9. How to work with different eye shapes.
10. How to blend eye shadow.

Professional Makeup Course Fees : ₹ 30,000/

Professional Makeup Course Duration: 45 Days