Professional Nail Art & Extension Courses by Mirage makeover Academy

Advance Nail Extension Art Course

1. Theory
2.Product Knowledge
3.Nails Extension
Overlay Gel/Acrylic 5.Base Coat Application
6.Cuticle Care
7.All Types of Nails Shaping
8.Refilling Gel/Acrylic
10.Folling Art
11.Stones Application
12.Brush Application
13.Animal Art
14.Dotting Art
15.Foral Nails
16.3D,4D, 5D, 7D Art
17.Stripping Art
18.Stripping Art
19.Bridal Nail Art

20.Marble Art
21.Miller Art
22.Inbuild Millers
23.Ombray art
24.Bulliens Application
25.Different Colour of
26.French Draw Art
27.Sugar Dust Art
28.Holochrome Art
29.Chrome art
30.Pearl Chrome Art
31.Nail Gel Polish
32.French Extensions
33.Transparent Extensions
34.Toe Overlay
35.Toe Base Coat
36.Toe Exten
37.Glitter Art
38.French Draw Art

Professional Nail Art Course Fees : ₹ 25,000/

Nail Art Course Duration:  30 Days 

Basic Nail Art Course Fees : ₹15,000/

Nail Art Course Duration: 15 Days

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